You started your business because you had a passion, a gift that could impact the world.

You just didn’t realize there was so much tricky technology that went along with it!

About Kelly PhillipsMy name is Kelly Phillips and I’ve been building websites and teaching technology for more than 20 years. I started Boost Interactive Media to bring together my passion for technology, my love for teaching, and my experience as an entrepreneur to help smart business owners like you succeed.

You see, there are a few things I’ve learned on my journey:

  • Believing in yourself (you can do this!) is half the battle;
  • Explaining things in more than one way makes that light bulb over your head go off;
  • When it comes to technology, there truly is no stupid question. Period.

Here at Boost Interactive Media, I’m sharing my entrepreneurial journey with you. I blog, video, and teach about the topics I’ve learned the hard way so that your journey is a little bit easier. I also have a serious obsession with WordPress and over at WP Plugin Coach, I teach you how to handle the over 30k WordPress plugins you can use to hit it out of the park with your WordPress website.

Keynote Speaking and WorkshopsKelly-Phillips-Speaking

I would love to share my messages and training with your organization! My style is energetic, conversational, and I love to have fun. I offer keynotes, presentations, hands-on workshops, and customized training.

You can see full presentation recordings on my YouTube channel and download my Media Kit for more information about me. If you’d like to see my rates or inquiry about availability, please submit my speaking inquiry form and I’ll get back to you soon.

More About Kelly…

PhillipsFamilyAfter experiencing a serious health scare when my son was 10 months old, I decided it was time to take control over my life. I was too stressed, too tired, and I knew I could do better with the time I had on this earth.

It took three years to refine my passion and my skills into a marketable business that could replace my corporate income and also allow me to have positive impact on the world using the skills and experience I had worked so hard to develop.

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur (which means I have too many ideas rolling around inside my head) so I created Boost Interactive Media as a “home base” for my various products and services, WP Plugin Coach being one.

My mission is to help small business owners achieve their dreams. I share my own entrepreneurial lessons learned, how to make the online pieces of your business truly work, with a lot of technical how-to and digital marketing tactics thrown into the mix.

What keeps me grounded with all that I have going on? My husband, my son, and some amazing friends, students, and fellow entrepreneurs who remind me every day why I chose this path:

To watch them ALL succeed.




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