My Best Klout Perk: Canon Maxify Printer Review

Kelly PhillipsSocial Media

My Best Klout Perk!

If you use social media for business and you’re not on Klout, you really need to be. Klout looks at your social media profiles and measures the amount of influence you have. So if you’re doing social media for your business, you’re likely to have a high influencer score. And the higher your influence, the better Klout Perks you get offered! And if you’re doing any kind of blog, it makes a great source for blog content.

I received this Canon Maxify printer as a Klout Perk. And even though I’m not required to write a blog post or film a video about it, I decided to anyway. I’m a techy geek and I love new toys! (And besides, I needed a blog post this week!)

The Home Printer – Still Essential

Well, it is for me at least. I’ll admit that I don’t print as much as I used to. But I teach in-person classes locally and so I have handouts and materials to print. I also print my own flyers for event swag bags, and I even print off postcards to mail about my classes. So this is one perk that I can really use in my business.

I am amazed at the print quality on this printer! It’s good, it’s fast and it’s quiet.

The feature that I already know will make my life easier are the two print trays. I work from different levels in my home and it was a serious pain to run upstairs and change the printer before I could print. The double-sided scanning is also a huge plus. The scanning is fast and there are more quality settings than I had with my HP printer at the same price point.

So far, I love everything about the Maxify MB5320. I haven’t tried the cloud printing yet, but if it’s as cool as I think it is you might just see another blog post!