Father’s Day Gifts for the Business Dad who Has Everything

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Multi Tool iPhone Case

I’ve been trolling Amazon lately looking for unusual or interesting tools I can buy for my business. It’s the techie geek version of window shopping – I get sucked in and can’t help myself! And now you get the benefit of my obsessive Amazon business tool trolling. With Father’s Day just around the corner, I present to you several Father’s Day gifts for business (and you might want to order some of these for yourself.) Secret Stash of Multi Tools in His iPhone Case Modern boy scouts everywhere are drooling over it. Dads are cheering it. And I’m seriously considering getting this for my husband who only wants car parts on every. single. holiday. This unassuming iPhone case is the ultimate multi tool. It comes with eight tiny tools that will be at your fingertips anytime to you need them. … Read More

Get Out of Your Own Way and Run Your Business

Kelly PhillipsEntrepreneurship

Get Out of Your Own Way and Run Your Business

Running your own business is hard. I don’t care what you call it – freelancing, entrepreneurship, small business ownership. It’s just hard. When you’re alone in your office every day making every decision for your business, you sometimes get a bit too far into your own head. Suddenly, everything is a risk. Every decision is wrong. Every word you write is stupid. “Who am *I* to tell anyone anything?” you think. And the negative self-talk becomes the only thing you hear. What happened to that confident, world-conquering woman of last week? How did she dissolve into this quivering mass of “I can’t do it” doubt that sits at the very same desk today? I was that quivering mess over the past few days. For me, it’s because I forced myself out of my Introvert comfort zone and into a mass … Read More

WordPress and Corporate Training: A Perfect Pairing

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How WordPress can be used for Training

Some people can go to work every day for years and leave it all behind when they walk out the door at 5 o’clock. There have been times in my life when I’ve been insanely jealous of those people. My corporate training career has always been an ingrained part of who I am. No matter the situation, I always find myself teaching someone something – and I’m sure I’ve annoyed the heck out of many people this way. I just can’t help it. When I decided to leave my corporate job to start a business focused around WordPress, I felt as though I was walking away from that career. I thought I was joining a completely different ballgame. Little did I know, my two worlds of WordPress and Corporate Training would turn out to be a perfect pairing. WordPress Intranets … Read More