Father’s Day Gifts for the Business Dad who Has Everything

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Multi Tool iPhone Case

I’ve been trolling Amazon lately looking for unusual or interesting tools I can buy for my business. It’s the techie geek version of window shopping – I get sucked in and can’t help myself! And now you get the benefit of my obsessive Amazon business tool trolling. With Father’s Day just around the corner, I present to you several Father’s Day gifts for business (and you might want to order some of these for yourself.) Secret Stash of Multi Tools in His iPhone Case Modern boy scouts everywhere are drooling over it. Dads are cheering it. And I’m seriously considering getting this for my husband who only wants car parts on every. single. holiday. This unassuming iPhone case is the ultimate multi tool. It comes with eight tiny tools that will be at your fingertips anytime to you need them. … Read More

Free Training from Google and the New Keyword Planner

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Learn with Google

What do the following things have in common? Youtube, Blogger, Wallet, G+, Analytics, AdWords, Gmail, Keyword Tool, Places, Play and Google search. They are all owned by Google. And the list of Google-owned tools that you might be using to run your business is growing. If a lot of these tools are over your head, you’re not alone. But there is help. FREE help. Google is offering free webinars in their beta Learn with Google program. You can check out the current schedule and view recorded webinars on many of your favorite Google products. Some other great learning resources from Google include: Inside Adwords Blog Google Webmaster Help Youtube Channel Training Resources from Google Aps Learn Google Analytics Introducing the Google Keyword Planner There is a big change happening with the Google Keyword Tool that you’ll need to know about. … Read More

An Entrepreneur’s Trademarking Nightmare

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June 26, 2007 – An update to this article. Adecco has stepped up and made it right by compensating both Turner and donating to a non-profit organization that helps captive elephants. I’m so glad Adecco did the right thing. Many corporations wouldn’t have. If you want to help out Turner and AroundtheWorldin80Jobs.com you can donate to his IndieGOGO project before Friday, August 23, 2013.   “Do I need to register a trademark for my business?” is one of the great dilemmas entrepreneurs face. A lot of us are starting a business on a shoe-string budget, trying to replace a full-time income, or completely bootstrapping a new venture. When every penny you spend feels like a million bucks, shelling out a thousand or more dollars in legal fees to trademark an idea that isn’t making you any money seems a bit … Read More