The Art of Choosing Fonts for Your Design

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How to choose fonts

Mike Pezzoni

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Mike Pezzoni is currently working as a freelance graphic designer specializing in logos, illustrations including cartoons, technical and infographic-oriented and custom making fonts. After spending 20+ years as a corporate designer for SAS Institute, Mike is learning new web technologies including WordPress site management/content maintenance and video editing. When not doing design-related stuff, Mike likes to mountain bike, play soccer and work in the yard.

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Fonts are everywhere. Fonts are diverse. Fonts add life to any graphic. The coolest photograph, the funniest cartoon, the cleverest quote for a story can be derailed by an overused, boring or unintentionally distracting font choice. Using an experienced graphic designer who knows the right way to use fonts can make or break your design. So what makes a designer a font expert? As part of their job, designers need to find the right font to compliment whatever graphical element(s) a designer is using to convey his or her visual message. This is not a black and white issue but choosing a font that does not compliment an intended message or communication can severely limit the intended purpose or goal of the graphic. Coming from the corporate design environment, I was instructed to use a certain repository of fonts. This … Read More