Father’s Day Gifts for the Business Dad who Has Everything

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Multi Tool iPhone Case

I’ve been trolling Amazon lately looking for unusual or interesting tools I can buy for my business. It’s the techie geek version of window shopping – I get sucked in and can’t help myself! And now you get the benefit of my obsessive Amazon business tool trolling. With Father’s Day just around the corner, I present to you several Father’s Day gifts for business (and you might want to order some of these for yourself.) Secret Stash of Multi Tools in His iPhone Case Modern boy scouts everywhere are drooling over it. Dads are cheering it. And I’m seriously considering getting this for my husband who only wants car parts on every. single. holiday. This unassuming iPhone case is the ultimate multi tool. It comes with eight tiny tools that will be at your fingertips anytime to you need them. … Read More

How to Format A Book for CreateSpace

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So you’ve decided to self-publish your book and you want to have physical copies that you can sell at events and use for giveaways. Or maybe you just like the feel of that paperback in your hand and don’t want the only option for your book to be digital. Printing your book through CreateSpace is a low cost option that allows you to have professional looking books without the high cost or large print runs. You just need to figure out how to format a book for CreateSpace. However, (and you knew there was a catch) in order to publish on CreateSpace you have to do the formatting of the book yourself. You can pay someone to do it for you, but if you’re ready to try this yourself, I’ll show you how. This is my second post in a … Read More

How to Set Up Your Book on Create Space

Kelly PhillipsSelf Publishing, Tech Solutions

Formatting for Create Space

Have you ever pictured yourself as a book author? Doing book signings in quaint independent bookstores, randomly seeing your book in the hands of someone at a cafe? Giving away signed copies to your best clients? I admit that I’ve always wanted to write a novel. After several starts and stops over the years, I’ve finally admitted that computer training guides are more my style than the next great American novel! No matter where your talents lie, the introduction of self publishing has opened up a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to gain respect and show off their expertise. You are no longer limited to selling a PDF on your website. You can now have a professionally printed book hot off the presses and in your hand quickly and without involving a big publishing house. However, if … Read More