WordPress and Corporate Training: A Perfect Pairing

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How WordPress can be used for Training

Some people can go to work every day for years and leave it all behind when they walk out the door at 5 o’clock. There have been times in my life when I’ve been insanely jealous of those people. My corporate training career has always been an ingrained part of who I am. No matter the situation, I always find myself teaching someone something – and I’m sure I’ve annoyed the heck out of many people this way. I just can’t help it. When I decided to leave my corporate job to start a business focused around WordPress, I felt as though I was walking away from that career. I thought I was joining a completely different ballgame. Little did I know, my two worlds of WordPress and Corporate Training would turn out to be a perfect pairing. WordPress Intranets … Read More

How to Blog: Get the Blogging411

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There’s a new show online these days, and if you’re a blogger you should check it out. It’s called #Blogging411 and it’s a live Hangout On Air every Wednesday at 8PM Eastern. This past Wednesday, I hung out with hosts Nikol, Allison, and Randy to chat about the best plugins for blogging. I talk about a plugin that will help save you $$ in hosting costs down the road, and who doesn’t like to save money? Here is my guest appearance, and you can check out the recent episodes on MomComplicated.com

How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider for WordPress

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Web Hosts for WordPress

Choosing a web hosting provider can feel a bit like playing roulette. Sure, they sound good. They make all the right promises, tell you all the right things. But until you’ve used them, how do you really know they’ll do a good job for you? A search on the Internet will bring up both good and bad reviews for any web host. How do you choose? You can ask your friends, but that isn’t always the most accurate advice. If your friend has a blog with only a few visitors a week, and you have an eCommerce store that does thousands in a day, you’re comparing apples to oranges. The most reliable hosting recommendations often come from authorities in the field. For example, the best host for eCommerce might not be the best host for a blog. In our case … Read More