My WordPress Was Hacked! What now?

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My WordPress Site Was Hacked

You don’t think it’s going to happen to you. You’ve got a secure password, you’ve created a new account for yourself and deleted the user account called “admin”. And you’ve unchecked the box on the Settings>General page that says “Anyone can register”. But in spite of following all of those common security recommendations, you woke up this morning and every link on your website is going to some crazy online pharmacy page. OH NO! YOU’VE BEEN HACKED! Now what? Unless you’re a web designer, you’re best bet is to call an expert to help you with the cleanup. Here are the first people you should consider calling: 1. Your web host: Most web hosting companies have a service where they will clean malware off of your website for you. Yes, you’ll pay for it but at least it will be … Read More

WordPress 3.8 Interface Changes: Don’t Panic

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WordPress 3.8 Update

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of bad reactions. The kind that include groaning, eye rolling, and heads in hands. Why, you ask? Because I’ve begun talking to my students and clients about the next release of WordPress. As soon as I hit the words “Admin Interface redesign”, people start to stress!

I don’t blame them. When you’re a business owner trying to maintain your website on your own, any major change to WordPress can be a major headache. In this case, don’t judge our WordPress developer friends to quickly. Here is a breakdown of what the changes to WordPress 3.8 will mean to you if you’re not a web developer.

Why I Chose Bluehost for my WordPress Web Hosting

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Web Hosting

So you’re looking for a good web hosting company? You’ve probably Googled and read a million conflicting reviews, looked at comparison charts, added up numbers, and are still left wondering exactly how you’re supposed to decide. When I first started out with WordPress, I went with the web hosting company that had the best advertising. And boy, that was a mistake! After my WordPress installation broke for the fifth time during a WordPress core update, I realized the nay-sayers for that company might have been right. The problem is, until you try out the service yourself you never really know the truth. Everyone has different experiences, and there is no way to predict what your experience with that host will be. At that point, I’d had enough. I chose two other hosting companies that came recommended by people I trust, … Read More