Kelly’s Blogher ’13 Session: Move Your Blog to WordPress

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If you’re thinking of moving your blog to a self-hosted version of WordPress, don’t miss my session at Blogher ’13 Friday morning. I’ll cover the things most-likely to trip you up and how you can save your sanity and have a bright shiny new WordPress blog! Do you have questions you’d like me to answer during my session? Leave them in the comments!

The Difference Between and

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If you’re confused about the difference between and, you are not alone! Many people who are looking to move or start their websites on the WordPress platform get a bit lost when they find out there are two WordPress sites. So what’s the difference? is the non-profit foundation that is responsible for developing and maintaining the WordPress platform. When people say you are using, they don’t mean that you have an actual site set up on They mean you have downloaded the full version of WordPress and are using it to build your website. WordPress is what you call open source, which means that there is no profit-making entity behind it. The code that makes up WordPress core is free and open to anyone to use and develop. There is a huge world-wide community … Read More