Father’s Day Gifts for the Business Dad who Has Everything

Kelly PhillipsCurrent Trends, Tech Solutions

Multi Tool iPhone Case

I’ve been trolling Amazon lately looking for unusual or interesting tools I can buy for my business. It’s the techie geek version of window shopping – I get sucked in and can’t help myself! And now you get the benefit of my obsessive Amazon business tool trolling. With Father’s Day just around the corner, I present to you several Father’s Day gifts for business (and you might want to order some of these for yourself.)

Secret Stash of Multi Tools in His iPhone Case

Multi Tool iPhone CaseModern boy scouts everywhere are drooling over it. Dads are cheering it. And I’m seriously considering getting this for my husband who only wants car parts on every. single. holiday.

This unassuming iPhone case is the ultimate multi tool. It comes with eight tiny tools that will be at your fingertips anytime to you need them. Because let’s face it – your phone is always within reach. Check out the listing on Amazon for multiple colors and a video.


Sound Unthethered

Photive Bluetooth EarbudsFree him from the confines of the phone with wireless bluetooth earbuds. That phone can only take so many more drops onto the treadmill you know. This set by Photive is water resistant and sweatproof. He can keep his phone safely to the side without sacrificing the tunes.






Picture Perfect Every Time

Mobile Phone Camera LensesHow did I JUST find out about these clip on lenses for smart phones? This would have made a great Mother’s Day or birthday present for someone like me (hint, hint). It makes taking great photos on the go. And this set fits both Android and iPhones. For about $20, you can’t beat it.






Make His Decisions Easy Peasy

Decision MakerDoes Dad spend all day weighing risks and making decisions? Give him a break with this awesome time-saving desk toy. No more listing pros and cons – one swing of the ball and everything is decided. Where to go for lunch? How to invest that extra cash? Which Intern to hire? It’s all taken care of.





Have a Wonderful Father’s Day

No matter what your family role. I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day, celebrating the amazing men in your family. And I hope they really like their gifts! If you have any other good Father’s Day gift suggestions, post them in the comments.